Project Biennale


Questions asked at Press Conference:

1) could you speak about the book’s framework and or graphic identity?

2) Does the collaboration infact reinforce the biennale structure?

3) what agency do the visiting contributors to the project have in terms of this collaboration?

4) institutional critique is embodied in critical language o what is new about the function of this book?

5) does the books medium, through its historical pretext, establish itself as conservative?

6) what has the responce been to the project? for example the recent launch in venice?

7) what is the status of the peripheral events that circulate the book and how do they affect its meaning and construction?

8) does the prospect relate to the present or historical condition of the biennale? can you conceive the book as a historical artefact?

9) what would you have done differently?

More images coming soon + audio


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