Project Biennale


Proposal | the gallery at Wimbledon | One Night Stand | 30th March 

Project Biennale: Process, Progress, Protest 

The One Night Stand event on March 30thProject Biennale:Process, Progress, Protest, will present Project Biennale in action, utilising operational tools that highlight the process of the publication’s production. Visitors will be invited to navigate around the exhibition and examine its contents and connections. They would also be offered to the opportunity to listen to and interact with unfolding discussions concerning issues surrounding the project.

Students from Chelsea’s MA Critical Writing & Curatorial Practice are currently involved with students from Sheffield Hallam and Essex universities in a publication based project entitled Project Biennale. Through discussions between the three student cohorts, themes acting as pivots in the project include politics, the local, cultural identity, economics and geopolitics. each curators display will be directed by their individual research so the exhibition will trigger dialogues between  a variety of different practices. we are considering employing a strategy that requires the interaction of the viewer i.e. offering them materials which insist a certain involvement in the process.

  Those involved with the production of the publication would like to utilise the One Night Stand event at Wimbledon as a tool to develop and evaluate our ideas. Each student involved in Project Biennale is currently in the process of curating works and research for inclusion in the final publication. We propose to employ the Wimbledon event as an active exhibition, displaying the ephemera produced by our research methods (whatever they may be) and their organisation/development. Such material might include artworks, artist interviews, email exchanges or other publications. The emphasis here is upon the idea of the process of bringing the project together. We intend the exhibition to take on a ‘behind the scenes’ aesthetic with the exhibition space serving as both a place to discuss and examine the themes relating to Project Biennale. We expect that most works will be paper/wall based but we have also welcomed the inclusion of artworks and objects. The method of display will be largely determined by the way in which each curator involved in the project intends to represent themselves.

We intend to utilise the gallery space in the day, during installation, providing platform talks relating to the project. We propose to have each college group nominate a speaker to come and talk in the space between 2pm and 6pm; each speaker will be allocated a 45 minute slot to make a presentation and to engage in a dialogue via questions from the floor. Chelsea students are considering inviting individuals involved with True Riches, a season of virtual events conceived as a response to the ICA’s closure of its live art department. We intend to use the talks to examine any parallels with practice outside the project (for example, in the case of True Riches, the initial starting point of a ‘provocation’). The exhibition featuring the material mentioned above would then be open from 6pm until 9pm.


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